“Baby’s Clever”

“Baby’s Clever” was founded by a professional in child development. The enterprise specialises in encouraging bilingual ability in babies and toddlers (and Mums & Dads in need of a refresher!) through personal language classes in a relaxed, informal atmosphere.

You are in a new country and you want the best for your child(ren); you want them to make friends and fit in.

Young children have the ability to absorb a language very easily; as they show when learning to talk, they just love to communicate.  Using a similar process they can learn French effortlessly and acquire a good accent whilst hardly acknowledging the difference.  They do not yet have the barriers of embarrassment or self-consciousness associated with adulthood.  Learning a second language early in life, not only makes them more proficient in that language, but also enriches their overall mental development.

Before you know it, your child(ren) will be leaving you behind linguistically – but don’t worry – at “Baby’s Clever” we encourage Mum & Dad to join in the fun!


Why “Baby’s Clever”?

-  Native French tutor

-  One-to-one tuition

   -  Relaxed atmosphere

-  FUN

Adults encouraged to participate

When are “Baby’s Clever”

Classes :



"Baby's Clever" Terms

           -   Booking essential

           -  Children should be

          accompanied by an adult

           -  Payment in advance

   Where is "Baby's Clever" ?

   Address :



Your personal

"Baby's Clever"  tutor

         -   Registered Child Minder

          -   DBS Checked

              (French Equivalent)

          -   Bilingual

           -   Experienced 2nd

              Language Mentor

Contact "Baby's Clever"

for more information

Mobile : +33 7 71 28 15 22

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